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A revolutionary new system that truly is the first "Shrink Your Own Head" technology and puts you in charge of your own Emotional Healing!

Therapist in a Box: Emotional Healing by Anankha K. Chandler is a powerful program of psychotherapy and emotional healing that you use in the privacy of your own home and provides the tools necessary to change your feelings and negative behaviors. Having undergone years of therapy herself and having recovered from paralyzing biochemical depression, she knows first hand what works and what does not. Anankha has packaged twenty years of experience into a system that can change your life to one of contentment and positive self discovery.

Change Emotional Pain and Negative Behavior into Strength and Success

The system is a thirteen title audio series coupled with a companion workbook that allows you to change perceptions, rework beliefs, heal the past and consciously plot strategies to create the life that you desire. Most of us don't even remember what it feels like to be truly alive and happy; we just grunt along in our ruts hoping something will come along and change everything. The truth is it's an internal change that needs to take place, and only we can make the change. Anankha Chandler will show you how to change anything from simple frustration and negative behavior to debilitating depression and anxiety.